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About Artists

Svetlana za spletno trgovino 2

Svetlana Vidovič

As you may have guessed we are mother and daughter. We live in Slovenia, a beautiful Alpine country at the Adriatic sea which inspires creativity in many ways. The nature here gently surrounds and embraces every aspect of us. Our way of expressing ourselves is painting. Svetlana had a passion for painting since the early years, but pursued it later in her life after coming from the US and settling in Europe. Anastasia started drawing as a child, in the past few years she developed into a passionate artist.

Anastasia Vidovič

Most paintings are our individual work as can be seen in different styles. Svetlana’s work is bright and geometric while Anastasia’s is full of sudden emotions, color and thoughts. In spite of our different styles and approaches, some paintings are a result of partnership, combining and complementing the two characters and expressions. Each painting was created with a certain energy flow yet all of them are open to self-interpretation. What used to be a hobby turned into passion, an attempt of expressing something buried in the unconscious which we are now sharing with you.